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Cosmic Trip

Cosmic Trip

Cosmic Trip - Mixed Reality

What's Cosmic Trip?

Cosmic Trip is a VR-native first-person real-time strategy game. Developed by Funktronic Labs.

Embark on this groovy 1960s-inspired interstellar adventure where you must survive on hostile alien planets. Build and command swarms of cosmobots to harvest resources and battle against the slimy alien forces!

HTC Vive Headset VR Logos

Available on Steam and Oculus Store!
VR Headset required.


Cosmic Trip - Collect Resources

Collect Resources

Extract resources from the planet in order to build your base and robotic army.

Cosmic Trip - Build Cosmobots

Build Cosmobots

Build a fleet of cosmobots to help grow your base and defend against invaders.

Cosmic Trip - Battle Enemies

Battle Enemies

Plan and defeat the enemies forces with your army of cosmobots.


Cosmic Trip - Screenshot

Cosmic Trip - Screenshot

Cosmic Trip - Screenshot

Cosmic Trip - Screenshot

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